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Meet Anthony
Anthony Driver

As a passionate advocate and fourth generation resident of this community, Anthony Driver is now ready to use his talent to serve the people of the 20th Ward as a candidate seeking public office.
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Candidate for You

Why Run?

The simple answer is “the stakes are too high.” Our residents in the 20th Ward, though resilient, are suffering. Our community is plagued by violence, underfunded schools, a lack of resources, and a lack of accountability from our elected officials. Three of the last four Alderman of the 20th Ward were federally indicted. This is unacceptable and our residents deserve better. I have experienced the terror of gun violence first hand. I have experienced family members being forced to relocate to the suburbs and Indiana due to a rapidly gentrifying community. I have experienced the burden of joblessness and have watched contractors hire workers and laborers from every part of the city but the South Side. I have made the decision that I will not sit idle and watch my community be transformed with little to no input from our residents. If elected, citizens will be put back in the Driver’s seat of the 20th Ward.

Why Driver?

In the words of our great reform mayor Harold Washington “Business as usual will never be accepted in this city,” and it will not be tolerated in the 20th Ward. Driver has a wide range of experience in administration, public policy, community organizing, lobbying, advocacy, and service. All of which make him uniquely qualified to impact the community in a positive manner. Four generations of Driver’s have called the 20th Ward home with no plans to relocate. His grandfather James Sr. was a long time precinct captain and his father Anthony Sr. followed in his footsteps. Service is deeply embedded in Anthony’s DNA and he will serve the 20th ward with pride and transparency.

Why Now?

“We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there "is" such a thing as being too late. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action.” Politics in Chicago is often seen as a game of patronage and nepotism. Young people are often told to wait their turn. However, millennials are on the cusp of surpassing baby boomers in population and are now poised to create positive change in their communities. The stakes are high and the future of our community is depending on us to act swiftly. Now is the time for new leadership. Now is the time for fresh perspectives. Now is the time for our youth to see leaders in office who resemble and relate to them.